Children dreamed of becoming astronauts, doctors or firemen. In my case, I just dreamt about color pencils. It might be my father’s influence, he was a painter and he also sculpted in all kinds of materials. I did not grow up in a museum, but something similar.  A teenage rebellion took me away from the color pencils and from the house-museum. One thing lead to another and without realising I ended up in a laboratory, wearing a lab white coat and wondering what had I done to deserve this.


After some time I returned to the house-museum. There he was; my father. Older, with more paintings and determined to master the old artistic technique that gave Warhol great results: Serigraphy. This is method of printing patterns on any surface quickly and efficiently. That's when I saw everything clear. I could finally show the world my designs. How? I printed them on T-shirts. What would be happened to Warhol´s cows if they had not left the Museum of Modern Art New York as a shirt, mug, umbrella or who knows what? My drawings should jump off the paper.


I went to a couple of basic graphic design courses to improve my childhood drawings. Next step was to observe the reactions of people seeing my creations. Cautious, I was showing it to friends, acquaintances, friends of acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances ... The more I expand the circle, the more I heard the same thing: cool T-shirts! But that T-shirts business failed; as people say; you can always learn from your mistakes, so as a mature person, I decided to hang up the lab coat that had been accompanied me for thirteen years. I left my hometown (Valencia) and start a new life in Madrid. A life full of challenges and difficulties, but doing my truly vocation.


I studied a Master in communication and strategic design in order to expand my skills. I learned some design software programs. It is now, with greater  knowledge and mastery of the necessary tools for designing,  when I feel ready to create my own brand Xoan Viqueira and use my name with full conviction. This is why all you can find in my Web Store are products designed, studied and treated with great care, love and many hours of dedication.


I hope you enjoy my designs as I enjoy creating them.