If you are planing or attending a wedding, a birthday, a celebration, an event of all sorts where you want to treat yourself or the others with something genuine; why not creating that special “something” together? Xoan Viqueira’s tableware may be that lasting beautiful genuine gift; please contact me for applying our creativity together to design a tableware that will create excitement among your guests.


There are two ways to customize a tableware:




Making any changes into current designs. You can modify: hair color, eye color or any other slight variation, which would not involve redesigning the actual dishes.

Price: 389€




Design your dishes. Tell me the subject that you want to capture and you will get a custom dinnerware.

PRICE: 449€


In all cases, the dishes shall be composed of:

-6 main course plates

-6 soup plates

-6 Dessert plates


Procedure to customize your dishes:


In Both options (A and B) you must pay in advance 50% of the price reflected in each of the options.

Once this amount is been paid (for the design or redesign) I will show you through a photomontage the potential outcome. We can decide over that draft.


Last step, dishes will be ready and you will need to make the payment of the  outstanding 50%, in order to make the delivery as soon as possible.


Please note


In tableware orders there are no refunds.


The processing time once accepted the design will be 1-2 weeks so keep that in mind when you planning your design. Please bare in mind that your order may take 1-2 weeks to be completed after the final design is decided.


You have the possibility, in the future, to expand the number of services or replace any parts if they broke, whenever that would be possible. You may decide to order any other services or replace any damaged parts when need.


All designs and illustrations of both existing dishes such as tableware products are property of Xoan Viqueira and may be reproduced, photographed or marketed at any time only by Xoan Viqueira.


Email me and begin to create together!!